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Connect to Your Heart and Sacredness with the Delicious Breast Massage

Connect to Your Heart and Sacredness with the Delicious Breast Massage

breast massage

Your breasts, are not only pleasure zones and miraculous life nurturing vessels, they are also gateways to connecting to your heart, love, joy and true feminine powers. As breasts are so connected to the heart chakra, centre of love, relationships and connection to your deep self. Heart chakra is the most powerful feminine centre. When a woman opens her heart, she is more open to love, joy and pleasure, which allows you to feel more sexy, confident and alive.

By the way, if you are a man (or have been born with a lingam), there is here an opportunity for you too. You may want to focus more on your nipples rather than the whole breasts. You may be really surprised of the potential for pleasure, you can even have a nipple orgasms.

Additionally pampering breast and nipples is a wonderful way to play with your partner, adding attitude of love and appreciation, can significantly boost your relationship and sex life.

Breast massage is so beneficial that it is recommended by western medicine and ancient traditions, including Tantric, Taoist and Anuretic.


Benefits of breast massage

Massaging the breasts has much more power then just a usual massage, on top of relaxation, connecting to your body and experiencing pleasure, there are additional perks, including:

  • Increasing capacity and sensitivity for pleasure
  • Connecting to your feminine side for woman
  • Awakening your sexuality and amazing potential of your body
  • Empowering orgasms and awakening a sleeping libido
  • It is a healing lymphatic flush
  • Can improve breast fitness and reduce breast sagging
  • Becoming friends with your breasts, allow you to spot any abnormalities faster
  • For feeding mothers, it can improve lactation experience
  • Calming the nervous system and reducing stress and tension
  • Opens heart and connects us to love (alone or with a partner)
  • And most importantly, teachers us to appreciate our body and potential for yumminess more



If undergoing a breast cancer therapy, have recently recovered from a breast surgery or cancer, or if you experiencing any pain in your breasts or nipples, please consult your doctor before trying any type of breast massage. Best practice is to go to a massage practitioner who is trained in working with breast therapeutically.


Here are a few ways you can do a delicious breast massage:

Set time aside (10-20 minutes) and proceed slowly, with love and deep awareness. 
For the best result use massage oil or body butter.

  • Set intention to have a loving, yummy or healing experience (or something else more true to you).
  • Warm your hands by rubbing them vigorously together. Place them over your heart, feel it, connect to your love.
  • Use some massage oil or body butter and move your hands to your breasts (or your partner’s) and start massaging slowly and lovingly in inward circles (12 or 24 times each way).
  • Repeat the same with and outwards circles (12 or 24 times each way).
  • Give your nipples extra attention – stroking and circling around, try spiralling from the nipples towards the breasts and back (continue for 2-3 minutes).
  • Move now to the sides of the breasts, continuing in a circular pattern, try using fists gently rolling or kneading your breasts (continue for 2-3 minutes). Try using your fingertips to tap and massage all over the breasts, first both simultaneously. Then repeat the same with each breast separately, perhaps even sending each some love and devotion.
  • Place one hand on the top and another at the bottom of one breast and apply gentle pressure while moving the fingers of both hands in smooth, circular motions, apply gently squeezing and milking like movements (continue for 1-2 minutes). Repeat on the other breast.
  • After the breast massage, don’t rush into your busy life. Take just a few more minutes to notice nature, to breath deeply, to go for a gentle walk or have a cup of tea staying connected to your body, noticing what is happening inside. This gentle integration is a very powerful tool for your healing and awakening.


In the end, everyone is different, experiment and find what works best for you.

Most important keys for a sensational breast massage is staying deeply attuned to your body. In our lives, we often loose this connection with our body and it may take some time to gain this skill back.

So start from slowing down and do what feels pleasant and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel good. Experiment, modify any suggestions and adapt this massage to feel absolutely delicious to you.


Little Warning

Opening yourself to feeling so deeply may open some feelings that you have been blocking for so long. Be kind to yourself, no need to push yourself. Take small steps, proceed slowly, with love and deep awareness. Notice what is happening inside, welcome all, if you get overwhelmed, stop and breath deeply few times, have some water or go for a gentle walk, whatever feels good.


If you have serious traumas, consider doing first few sessions of breast massage under the supervision of a trauma-aware Tantric or Taoist practitioner who is trained in this practice.



How to make it Tantric?

Few tips to make it even more wonderful:

  • Make it a ritual: set up s sensual environment: put on sensual music, bring in soft lights, flowers, etc.
  • If you want to make it more spiritual practice, you may want to add a gesture of namaste or chant the sound of ‘Om’.
  • Intention goes a long way: try to focus exclusively on your (and your partner’s) pleasure and love, no expectations or analysis.
  • Extra tip: if you struggle to focus on your pleasure, focus on your breath, make you breath in and out just a bit longer (comfortably) and notice what is happening in your body.
  • Surrender deeply: the more you can relax, the more pleasure you can experience.
  • If you are doing it with a partner, take time to connect first, e.g. by eye gazing or breathing deeply and synchronically.
  • And you don’t have to be serious! Have fun, play with your boobs, lough, enjoy them.


How to make it Orgasmic?

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

With some practice, you may find it easy to turn yourself on with just breast and nipple massage. It is an awesome foreplay but also a possibility to try breast/ nipple orgasms (yes, they do exist).

If you are curious, start from the breast massage as above, and when your body starts feeling really turned, spread the strokes and caresses all around your (or your partner’s) body: up to the neck, face, head, shoulders, lover belly, inner thighs… Return back to the breasts, teasing, going slightly faster with the harder strokes and alternating with a slow and gentle caressing. Keep alternating breast massage and whole body teasing; harder and softer, faster and slower, building up energy in the breasts.

For the best result, surrender deeply, add deep breathing and PC pumps (or just squeezing the pelvic muscles) and undulate your spine, like a snake.

Keep drawing that energy to the breasts, play, enjoy, tease. It make take some time and practice, but the result worth it.


Last words

Add the breast massage to your morning self-care routine and see how it can change your day. How about trying for one month every day? Do share how does it work for you.

Tip: start the breast massage as your own nurturing practice first, then experiment with a partner for extra pleasure, healing, connection and deepening knowledge of yourself and your partner. Remember staying present and honest are the main keys.

Love, Surya

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