Deep Transformation

Authentic Connecting and Tantric Pleasure

Level 1: Thursdays 29th October - 10th December

Deep online program to your empowered self. Become a lover of life!

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Soulmate Training for Couples

Level 1: 8 -15th May 2021

A retreat that that can transform and empower your love on all levels of relating.

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Past Events

Inner Power and Hidden Strengths

18th October 2020

Free Tantric Masterclass to reconnect to your deep wisdom, confidence, courage and freedom.

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Kindful Tension Release and Full Body Bliss

22nd October 2020

Free Tantric Masterclass to Release tension, stress and negative emotions to feel more alive and energised.

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Pleasure as your Healer

25th October 2020

Free Tantric Masterclass: Enjoy the possibilities of connecting deeply to your body.

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