Osho™ Gibberish Meditation

Osho™ Gibberish Meditation

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Date: 23rd January 2021
  • 12:00 – 13:00 GMT (UK, Ireland, Portugal, etc.)
  • 13:00 – 14:00 CET (France, Germany, Italy, etc.)
  • 19:00 – 20:00  ICT (Bangkok, Hanoi, etc.)
  • 06:00 – 7:00 CDT (Chicago, Alabama, etc.)
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Osho™ Gibberish Meditation – donatons

Date: 23rd January 2021
12:00 – 13:00 GMT (UK, Ireland, Portugal, etc.)
13:00 – 14:00 CET (France, Germany, Italy, etc.)
19:00 – 20:00  ICT (Bangkok, Hanoi, etc.)
06:00 – 7:00 CDT (Chicago, Alabama, etc.)(Bangkok, Thailand, etc.)

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“Meditation is the only answer to all the questions of man. It may be frustration, it may be depression, it may be sadness, it may be meaninglessness, it may be anguish: The problems may be many but the answer is one.”
– Osho

Liberate your mind for peaceful bliss!

It’s so normal these days to have a busy mind with millions of thoughts, ideas and voices racing forward. We are impacted by so many impressions, fears and information that have been filling our minds since we were little.

Osho™ Gibberish Meditation  is a beautiful technique that helps empty your mind of unwanted thoughts. This allows you to sit in silence, in awareness, where you’re without having to carry stress of your past or worries about future, can find peace and just enjoy blissfulness of the present moment.

Osho created this profound meditation method to help us experience the thoughtless state. It is inspired by a Sufi enlightened master named Jabbar, who has always spoke nonsense language with his disciples when they have asked questions. The rest of the time he remained in silence as if saying that our minds if full of gibberish and nonsense.

This is a powerful method to clean your mind from the junk, unhelpful voices and other thoughts that are bothering you. It is very therapeutic method and brings amazing results.
This meditation can be done anytime during the day.

This is a cathartic technique, so go crazy with absolute awareness so that you become the centre of the cyclone. Simply allow whatever comes, without bothering whether it is meaningful or reasonable. Just throw out all mind garbage and create the space in which the Buddha appears.

Become a lover of life!

Join us today if you would like to:

Let go of unhelpful emotions, thoughts and feelings
Feel more free in your body, mind and soul
Get out of your head and into feeling energised and empowered
Be more connected to your heart and  body
Feel more confident, relaxed, blissful and alive!

Your facilitator: Surya

Surya is an intuitive, experienced and passionate certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, NLP and TRE practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Tantra Teacher. Her kind and empowering coaching and training approach draws on Eastern Spirituality and Western Psychology.

She is also a trained Osho™ and Social Meditations Facilitator and an Osho  Sanyasin, passionate about the beauty and potentiality of active and social meditations.

Surya is passionate about intimacy and connecting from the heart and she does believe that love conquers all.


Are you ready to experience bliss?
“I can’t thank you enough for that wonderful session. I am aware of feeling so different, much more aware of my vulnerable side, much more brave and open.” – Abi

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