Exquisite Tantric Touch

Exquisite Tantric Touch

Exquisite Tantric Touch

I invite you to explore the Exquisite Tantric Touch, an exquisite gift to another or even self. We all need touch, it is soothing, relaxing, re-assuring, loving and simply beautiful.

You can offer the loving Tantric touch in many different ways, from a pure innocent healing touch to a friend to highly charged sexual caresses to your beloved. You can also use your imagination and share Tantric touch with your inner masculine or feminine or you can give it to yourself.

The key is to direct that energy through your heart, fuel it with love and kindness, staying with only one agenda – being the love itself. And when you’re touched with the Tantric

Touch, a magic happens, you feel the unconditional love! And that feeling can cure even deepest pain…

Some of the benefits of Tantric Touch that many people mention:

  • It helps to balance energies and clear blockages,
  • It encourages the healing process on many levels,
  • It purifies, nurtures and brings deep relaxation,
  • It help to grow your capacity for love, pleasure and intimacy,
  • It nourishes the soul and expands Consciousness.
  • It is particularly relevant in this confusing time.


The method:

(Note: if you doing alone, just skip steps 2, 4 and 5)

  1. Create a beautiful sacred environment, and choose relaxing music. Make sure you will not be distracted. Set aside at least 10 minutes or more for each.
  2. Connect deeply to each other – e.g. by gazing into their eyes for a few minutes.
  3. Set intention to be fully present for each other with kindness, love and anything else you would like to bring in.
  4. Decide who would like to give first and ask for any areas that the receiver does not want to have touched today.
  5. Receiver can lie down on the belly and try to open yourself to the experience without any expectations, relax and breath slowly and deeply. The more you relax, the mor you feel.
  6. Giver: close your eyes and connect to your own heart first, breathe deeply and slowly, feel the Love inside.
  7. Open your eyes and look at the receiver as at the divine gift, pure beauty, deity or royalty.
  8. Place gently you hand on the area of their heart, connect deeper.
  9. Start with very slow, sensual, conscious strokes on the back, feeling your love pouring from your heart through your hand.
  10. Be as present as you can, staying connected to your heart. Spread the slow thoughtful caress all over the body. Make sure to cover every little part, from soles to the top of the head.
  11. After 5-10 minutes (or more) invite them to turn around.

Stay loving, connected and present till the end.

  1. Always end by placing your hand on their heart.

Spend some time integrating, e.g. with a long loving hug or spooning.

Share your experience after you try it out or share what stopping you, if you haven’t.

Check our events for  beautiful guided Tantric techniques: https://sunshinetantra.co.uk/events


Enjoy and don’t forget share your thoughts… lots of love

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