“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

Live Coaching 

(In London and internationally)

•  Are you looking to reconnect your body, mind and spirit?
•  Do you need to heal or release anger, anxiety or tension?
•  Would you like to ignite your passion, achieve a goal and find life purpose?
•  Do you seek confidence to be true self and connect to others in a meaningful way?
•  Would you like to feel sexier, more fulfilled, empowered and alive?
•  Are you ready to transform your life and relationships?



Reason 1.

Think of any professional athlete, actor, CEO, and anybody else who succeeds at the highest level. Almost every single one of them has at least one coach to help them to achieve and maintain top results. You deserve it too.

Reason 2.

Change is inevitable. You can allow life to happen or you can design your path your way. Important things worth planning and nurturing rather than hoping it will turn out fine. Relationship need nourishing, passion crafting, career developing, body looking after, life needs careful design. Let’s design your life amazing…

Reason 3.

Most important human skill is to feel completely and utterly good about self. Until you heal your wounds and conditionings, release your anger and tension and learn love and accept yourself fully, you can’t be excited about anything or anyone else. It is really brave to ask for help. It is highly empowering to allow yourself to receive the support you need.


Life coaching is the process of moving you from your current situation to your desired place, from darkness to light, from a problem to a solution, from a dream to an action, from stress and emotional pain to joy, confidence and empowerment.

We believe, you have a magnificent powerful core inside you, limitless, unbended, unbound, your true power that can get you to any place or state you can dream about. You can learn to tap into this true power of yours anytime, with just a little guidance and support.
You have the power to heal, grow and design and live your life your way…


We work in London and internationally.


Surya (Darkness to Light Life and Intimacy Coaching)

Paul  (Life Coaching an Sexological Bodywork)

Helen (Health Coaching)


“Thank you for your support. I feel happier, lighter and more in control of my life then I ever. My worries just don’t feel that important anymore. I feel strong again and truly empowered. ” – Anna, Teacher

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