I’m Paul and I’ve been on a 20-year journey of self-development, with love, learning, intimacy and purpose always being the driving forces. Along the way I started a study of Tantra and Yoga, with a daily practice that has slowly integrated into my whole life, giving me constant love and purpose. I’ve trained as a coach and become one of the leaders in my field, connecting me to the wisdom of the mind and the transformation that comes from focus, visualisation and direction. I’ve trained in conscious touch, massage and sexological bodywork, connecting me to the wisdom of the body and the healing that can come when safety, love and intuitive touch can release trapped emotions and trauma.
One of the major themes of my personal journey has been relationship. I’ve teased apart what matters to me in sex and love; and prioritised love as being the master. I practice the masculine tantric arts to gain control over sexual energies. I’m a constant student of polarity and am constantly inspired to be a better man by the beautiful and powerful women around me.
There are many things I wish I’d known at the start of my journey and much time spent finding the most powerful approaches for transformation, so now I love to pass on the wisdom that’s been passed to me and to help people take a smoother, faster journey on their own road of personal development.



From PT

My coaching sessions with Paul took place at just the time I was in need of a thinking partner to explore my future in terms of both personal and professional aspirations and development.
Paul’s ability to create a friendly and safe coaching relationship enabled me to explore some deep-seated beliefs which have long blocked me, many of which have since been unblocked and others on their way of becoming unblocked.
Paul is the epitome of unconditional positive regard and it’s rare to meet another human being I feel I could trust to share my deepest worries and thoughts without feeling I was being judged.
I feel like my life has come along in leaps and bounds because of the coaching with Paul. He has helped me literally “open my eyes” to my fears and my strengths and I have begun to live my life much more the way I have long dreamed of doing.
The result is a significant change in my business, such as launching a brand new course which will become my company’s flagship course and an expression of my life’s purpose. The coaching has also increased my emotional intelligence and I now have much deeper self-awareness, better self-management, relationship awareness and relationship management both with my clients and, for more importantly, my family.
It is a delight and honour to have been coached by a coach who understands and practices congruence in the coaching relationship. I highly recommend Paul as a coach to people who wish to truly want to create change inside out!


From Elizabeth

It was my pleasure to receive a number of tantric healing massages from Paul to help resolve some emotional blocks I was experiencing due to previous trauma which was still causing problems with me in my current relationships and life.
I had severe trust issues with men as a result of previous experiences but the treatments I received from Paul were so loving and nurturing. He made me feel cherished, seen, attractive but most importantly of all safe.
This was the most touching element of the healing process for me to be able to have the trust to simply surrender to another person’s touch and know that the only intention they have is to help you heal , physically, emotionally and spiritually. Paul is incredibly sensitive, patient and loving and I believe he has the ability to help bring change to many people’s lives for the better.
Following the sessions I felt exhausted but in the days following so much lighter and now a number of months on I feel I have made huge progress and feel ready to embark on a new relationship after keeping myself closed down for so many years. I can never thank him enough for all his time and kindness and I wish him every success in his future plans.

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