A life-changing  Tantric Program:
Pleasure as your Guide

Life or Online


A life-changing  Tantra Program:
Pleasure as your Guide

Exquisite journey to your greater self (for couples and singles)
Life or Online
 Harness your sexual energy to achieve expanded states of consciousness
and bring more pleasure, joy and empowerment in your life.

Is this incredible lifechanging and sole growing program for you? Well…

Do you remember what is like being blissful, expanded and free?
Have you ever thought there must be more to sex and pleasure?
Do you want to learn to orgasm for hours in safe and sacred environment?
Are you curious of what is it like to be ecstatic and empowered every day?

Do you want to simply feel more alive and vibrant?

If you are ready to experience pleasure as a healing, expanding and deeply spiritual practice – then this amazing Tantric training is for you!

Are you ready for the most exciting journey in your life?
“Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life,
and through this love remembering our essence, the divine. Tantra is a life path.”
– Osho, Book of Secrets

Pleasure as your Guide Program Structure

Receive a lifechanging initiation to the Sacred Tantra to drop your inner walls, heal your wounds and limiting beliefs, and open yourself to unlimited possibilities of living extatically, in bliss and profound connectedness with yourself, the other and the whole universe. You will remember how to accept yourself fully, your light and your shadows, and it’s all through the profound power of conscious pleasure….

This program will change you, the quality of your life and your capacity to love, joy and pleasure.

You’ll find yourself exploring your erotic blueprints, playing with subtle energies and, finding a sense of unity, feeling at one with yourself and Divine. Using powerful Tantric techniques, you reach a greater integration of mind, soul and body. We will be using meditation, visualisations, breathwork, psychodrama and celebrating your aliveness with dance and healing massage.

The energy created is fun and playful, safe and sacred, and at the same time healing and profound. 

When we were children, we had no shame, we were so innocent, connected to our bodies, our senses, our inner truth… Where did it go? How can we get back to our inner bliss? By simply reconnecting to the miracle of your body, heart and soul.

After this training you will…

Learn to own your pleasure by reminding yourself that your pleasure is in your hands, literally, and open the door to the ecstatic communion with yourself, the other and the universe.
Break through your mind limitations to reconnect to your true power, joy and greatness.
Explore and expand your orgasmic potential to open yourself to an ecstatic life.
Learn to feel more pleasure, prolong and deepen lovemaking, while opening yourself to oneness with your partner and divine.
Discover how to transmute sexual energy to rejuvenate your body and stimulate creativity, sexuality and vitality.
Blend the energies of Consciousness, Heart and Sacred Sexuality to discover your body is a key to healing, joy and spiritual growth.
Open yourself to the new levels of bliss, freedom and aliveness.

“Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It can burn you or connect to the Divine. We all are sexual beings, when we master our sexual energy, we master all areas of our life, we expand our consciousness, creativity and can live a truly ecstatic life…”

– Surya

Each session has a theme:

  1. Opening to bliss – choose how you want to live, allow pleasure, joy and love be your guide to healing, empowerment and spiritual growth.
  2. Discovering how to be deeply erotic – expand you definition of pleasure and explore your erotic blueprints.
  3. Waking up your inner god/ goddess – break through your mind limitations and reconnect to your power and greatness.
  4. Unleashing your Magnificence – release yourself from self-sabotaging emotional patterns to open yourself to the new level of pleasure, empowerment, freedom and aliveness.
  5. Accepting your body as a gift from the Divine – remind yourself that your pleasure is in your hands, literally, and open the door to the ecstatic communion with yourself, the other and the universe.
  6. Appreciating your body as Sacred Instrument – blend the energies of Consciousness, Heart and Sacred Sexuality to discover your body is a key to healing, joy and spiritual growth.
  7. Journey into multi-Orgasmic self – explore and expand your orgasmic potential and experience higher states of the expansive bliss.
  8. Becoming a lover of life – expand your orgasmic potential and open yourself to orgasmic life.
  9. Discovering the great lover within – become a confident lover and a human being and learn to feel and give more pleasure, and prolong and deepen your lovemaking.
  10. Immersing into the Sacred Sexuality – transform lovemaking into spiritual practice, discover secrets for mystic union and open yourself to oneness with your partner and Divine.
  11. Reconnecting to your Divine nature – learn to transmute sexual Life Force energy to rejuvenate your body and stimulate creativity, sexuality and vitality and remember your unlimited potential.
  12. Reconnecting to the inherited power of the Divine – ritual of initiation to the Sacred Tantra
Are you curious how this incredible program can help you to to achieve expanded states of consciousness and bring more pleasure, joy and empowerment in your life?

Explore your Sexual Energy safely and kindly

Sex and pleasure are highly sensitive topics. We create a beautiful safe judgement-free space for you to explore your desires and fears.

You will be supported not only during the session, but you can also ask questions and receive support in between, you will get additional inspirations and are invited to all our workshops online for free, so you will not feel alone on the journey. 

Additionally to mention:

Sexual practices are discussed but there will be no explicit sexual activity withing the session room.
The facilitator is trained in trauma support and healing techniques, in case a trauma is accidentally triggered.
There will be no photography in the session room without your permission and the teachers do not engage in any kind of sexual relationships with participants during the course of the training.
Your safety, comfort, confidentiality and consent are out prime values.

The Pleasure as your Guide is a proven unique method

Based on the deep transformational techniques and 5 Pillars of Sensual Re-Awakening

Intent (open yourself to making pleasure your priority)
Relaxation (drop your walls, get comfortable in your body, heart and mind to enjoy your full spectrum of erotic possibilities)
Embodiment (learn to live in the present moment and befriend your body as a healer, teacher and a divine gift)
Self-Knowledge (re-connect to your marvellous body, your needs, shadows, your malty-orgasmic potential, and your greatness)
Deep Connection (to self, the other and divine)
Do you want to see whether this is right for you?

 Your Facilitator

Surya is the founder of the Sunshine Tantra and an intuitive, experienced and passionate Tantra Teacher and Pleasure and Intimacy Coach. Drawing her coaching and training approaches from Eastern Spirituality and Western Psychology, she developed a unique
highly engaging, fun and interactive approach.

Her main desire is to empower people to find healing, natural bliss and live the life to fullest.

She have studied Tantra for years with Ma Ananda Sarita (as well as other great teachers) and she is also trained in Reiki, Coaching, NLP, NVC, TRE and Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, different styles of Meditation and her favourite tool is a conscious pleasure.

She creates powerful life-changing experiences for individuals and groups in person and online.

Surya works in London and internationally.



For group sessions and if requested (additional charge), Surya works together with Suta, incredible talented Tantra teacher.

Are you ready to re-discover your Orgasmic self?
“Life does not have to be hard, healing does not have to be painful. Life is a journey.
Craft it your way, allow your natural bliss out… “
– Surya
Join us if you’d like to see how this program can inspire, heal and empower you…
What people say about Surya:
“Surya has a lot of talent for holding space. She makes people feel really welcome.”- Ma Ananda Sarita, World renowned Tantra master
“Surya is a beautiful soul and a deeply wise teacher. In her workshops, she creates magical spaces of possibility while staying grounded with practical approaches that are profoundly transformative. She has an amazing way of creating a feeling of connection in her groups where everyone feels welcomed, safe and supported.” – Paul Field, Agile Coach
“Thank you for your support. I feel happier, lighter and more in control of my life than ever. My worries just don’t feel that important anymore. I feel strong again, joyful and truly empowered. ” – Anna, Teacher
“Surya is an excellent teacher, coach and spiritual guide. This program develops progressively with a mixture of practical exercises, philosophical thought and excellent guidance. She is incredibly passionate about Tantra and her biggest strength is being able to relate the content to your life. In my professional life I work with people helping them to develop and grow and I have been able to take elements of this program to use directly with” them.
Martin, UK


How about experiencing the flavour of this amazing life-changing Tantric traning

Fees and how to start


This is an opportunity for both of us to get to know each other. We’ll discuss what where your life is today, what changes you want to make, challenges to overcome and what do you want to create. You will have a chance to experience my unique style and how it is working for you.

This session will be about 30 minutes. If we both feel that we are a good match for working together, we will create with you a plan that will be the most ideal for getting the results you want.

Click here to book a free discovery call


Individual Program

Safe, personalised and amazingly profound

My coaching programmes usually range from 3 to 12 months. I do offer standalone sessions, but if you are for a long-lasting shift, we need to go deep and it takes time, courage and perseverance.

We’ll have regular, typically fortnightly sessions usually via video/phone calls. During the time we work together, I’m in your life available for support in between the sessions as well. I will also send you useful additional resources and home practices to support your success, healing and personal growth according to the plan you set.

Option 1: Go deep


Option 2: Go deeper


Option 3: Life Immersion

(most deep & profound)

6 months, 1 session every second week

6 months, 1 session every second week

6 months, 1 session every second week

+ All additional benefits

+ All additional benefits

+ All additional benefits

2 hour sessions

3 hour sessions

3 hour sessions

£222 per month

£333 per month

£499 per month


Good for urgent interventions, a preparation for important life events, resolving immediate tension or just to have a taste of my unique style and working together before committing to this profound transformational journey.

1 hour Online release and recharge session – £70.

1.5 hour Online deeper session – £96 // 2 hours Online deep dive session – £123.

2 hours Transformational Tantric massage (Great for deep healing, empowerment and release) – £198.

3 hours Transformational Tantric massage (Great for deep healing, empowerment and release) – £289.

Additional benefits

(during the program only)

Integration support, you are not alone on the path (you can ask me additional questions in WhatsApp/ Telegram/ email, etc. and receive support, guidance and additional information)
Recorded guided meditations (so you can review or repeat them later)
Integrative whole group session – approximately 1 month after the retreat (online).
Introduction to beautiful heart-centered community (group connection online) and further training and integration opportunities.
Opportunity to have additional one to one support from the trainers if necessary (*extra cost, discounts available).
You will also have support from helpers (included in the price) and opportunity to have extra massage or healing sessions booked with them (*extra cost, discounts available).
Beautiful gift certificate (on request).



Weekly inspirations: empowerment messages, insights and inspirations (depending on your interest and needs, you will receive variety of resources, tools or tips to support your growth and integration process of what comes up in your sessions.) delivered straight to your mailbox

Powerful home practice opportunities to deepen your sessions and to integrate the deep leaning

Free access to all Online meditations (1 or 2 a month, for 6 months from the beginning of the program)

Free access to all Online workshops and healing circles from Surya (for 6 months from the beginning of the program)

Progress review (you will receive a form in the beginning, after each session and in the end of the program to see your progress, crystallize the insights, set your intentions and to deepen your transformation and enlighten your journey)

50% discount on life events by Surya (subject of availability, for 6 months from the beginning of the program)

Certificate of Tantric Initiation on completion.

Are you ready?

Join the retreat that can change your life and allow the divine spark to heal, rejuvenate and empower you through the power of your natural gift of pleasure…


For more info and booking please contact:


By booking the discovery session, you agree to our terms and conditions: https://sunshinetantra.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

“If we would like to invite people into more spiritual values of love, compassion, and meditation, pleasure as a spiritual path is one of the best ways to achieve this. It is the royal road to bliss and harmony. It is so simple, and so obvious. I am astonished, that even today, a large portion of humanity still believes there is something shameful and wrong about going into deepest pleasure.”
– Ma Ananda Sarita