Sexy games to spice up your relationship

Sexy games to spice up your relationship

Spice up your love…

Every great relationship requires constant nourishing. Fun is one of the best ways to connect and keeping fun sexy, allows us to keep that spark on. If we don’t play and flirt and make up, our relationships get stail. So, how about switching off all the technology and have a game night… 


Tips to make it more fun and joyful:

  • Allow yourself to play, be open and have fun.
  • Set the time and switch off all the destructions. Be just for each other.
  • For each game take turns or each time pick a different game. Take time.
  • Agree first on safety rules. Suggestions: stop now sign (e.g. hand up), time out (need to discuss something).
  • Don’t forget to check in with each other on a regular basis.
  • Be honest. Don’t ever do anything you don’t enjoy!


My favourite Sexy Games to bring more fire in your love.

Fantasy Bowl – both write down five fantasies on slips of paper and throw the slips into a bowl. Shuffle the paper around and get into bed. Taking turns, each of you draws a piece of paper from the bowl, and then both talk about the fantasy.

Mild version: just share would you do it, do you find it interesting now or maybe in future…
Hottest version: how about picking one up and acting it out…

Sexy Would-you-rather – ask each other sexy would-you-rather questions.

Sexy Truth-or-dare – dare each other to do naughty things you wouldn’t have the courage to ask for otherwise.

Strip Quiz – ask each other questions (personal questions or trivia questions work), and whenever someone gets an answer wrong, they have to take off a piece of clothing.

Sexy Bucket List – You don’t want to have any regrets when you get older? Then work on your sexual bucket list. Make a bucket list with sex acts you haven’t done (or look one up online) and knock something off of the list. Some things you may want to try may include having sex outside, learning Tantra or having a threesome!

Sexy Never Have I Ever – Are you ready to reveal some of your deepest, darkest secrets? Play a game of never have I ever, but keep it sexual. Never have I ever been tied up before…

Reenact favourite romantic movie scene – this is an easier way to play on your fantasies. Just pick a film you find hot, choose the steamiest scene and play it out. If you have some element missing, use your imagination…

Mirror Mirror – stand facing each other, decide who will start first, the leader touches the other sensually (kissing, licking, and touching), the receiver has to copy what’s been done to them.

Magic box – put various sex toys, blindfolds, feathers, silk scarves, etc.  into a bag or box, close your eyes, reach in and grab one, whichever you pull out is what you and your partner are using for the night.

Guess Who am I – in turns, one gets blindfolded and the other puts their hand to a part of the body. The blindfolded person has to guess what they are touching.

Body Art – get naked, one person using edible paint or some food that leaves marks (e.g. wiped cream, strawberries, melted chocolate) draw creatively, take time to appreciate your partner as an art, then lick it off.

Blind date – you can make it as a surprise, blindfold your partner (of cause with their permission) and gently caressing and teasing, slowly put small pieces of fruits or chocolate in their mouth. It is best to check beforehand their food preferences, e.g. they may not like chocolate.

Striptease Show – this is such a fun game! Just seductively undress in front of each other. Put some sexy music on for more fun. Who will go first?


Which one is your favourite? Try and let me know.

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Love, Surya

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