Shamanic wisdom for the day

Shamanic wisdom for the day

Allow me please to share the beautiful words from the amazing shamans I visit for years. Thank you wonderful Sky and Red for your incredible words of wisdom.
“Stop guessing why or what this all is. Your ego strives to know the truth and be right, so be wrong. Too many opinions will spoil your mind, and like poison, infect it with unhelpful stories. No one is right, stop trying to prove yourself. Making predictions is a waste of time and energy. It won’t help you keep control; it’s an illusion. If this is your behaviour, then the fear has already taken a hold.
Stop, breathe and reset yourself.
Do not feed the shadow.
Negativity does not need your help right now.
There is only faith and trust now to hold onto.
Be more productive with yourself.
Stay open, stay calm, stay connected.
This is the way of healing and helping you.
The opportunity to create and birth yourself into a new way of being, slower more peaceful and less demanding than ever before, will soon become clear. The uncertainty will fall away, and a new wave of consciousness will be seen, felt and absorbed by many.
Feel into what you wish to create. Dream yourself into a new world, a less consuming one.
Release unwanted habits and material medals that you once thought important.
Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and importance on perfection.
Nothing is perfect and yet everything is, even what is happening outside is what needs to happen.
Re-connect to a place of faith, belief and love.
The timing is perfect. Mother Earth knows what she is doing; do not underestimate her power.
Mother Earth is sending a message to you.
What is she asking you to change, to let go of, and be more of?
Let go.
The Earth is rebirthing herself.”
Love, joy and light to all, Surya

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