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Tantra Soulmate Training for Couples

Corfu, Greece - 2020

A retreat that can transform and empower your love on all levels.

Are you yearning for more in sex and intimacy? Would you like to experience sacred love-making and ecstasy? Do you want to rediscover the passion and juice for each other and life? Are you curious about exploring the spiritual aspects of sexuality?

Give you and your partner the gift of quality time to explore, heal, open up and transform your relationship.

The Soulmate Training is envisioned by Ma Ananda Sarita, founder of  Tantra Essence. It is the most exquisite training available for couples and the best option if you are longing for fulfilling sex, deep intimacy, expansion of love and awakening of consciousness. It is designed to provide you with information, education, experiences and guidance to transform ordinary lovers into Soulmates.

The science and art of Tantra offers a multitude of methods to open that doorway with sensitivity and intelligence, creating a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love and connection.

Relating and conscious connection has always been a spiritual path and practice in Tantra. The meeting and encounter of the feminine and the masculine holds massive power for transformation and growth for the individual, the couple and humanity as such.

On a collective level we are currently in the process of creating a new paradigm of relating on a global level and for us as human species. We are rewriting the script of how man and woman can connect and especially relate.

Many of us hear the call as the loneliness, feeling of separation and isolation has become almost unbearable. The feeling of that there needs to be something more to a relationship than mere spending daily life together haunts many couples.

With the Soulmate Training created by Ma Ananda Sarita a deeply transformative journey for couples is available available. In this training ancient wisdom, modern therapy, meditation etc. are combined to expand and deepen our capacity for intimacy. To be in relationship consciously is a courageous step, maybe lovers are even the most courageous people on this earth right now.

With this training, which blends love and meditation in its most refined way patterns that prevent us from love can be identified, common problems and issues for partners are addressed in a safe and loving way with meditations that give you insights in how to move through them.

The attraction and potency of your sexual fire in your couple get enhanced and you can experience new heights and depths of pleasure with your partner.

Every couple is its own universe with its unique direction and wisdom, through this training you can open deeper levels of guidance for your relationship.

Experience the support of other couples, who are traveling on the same path as you do.

Tantra is the only spiritual path that isn’t afraid of using sexuality as a mode of transformation the techniques and methods are deriving from ancient sources, designed to guide you into sublime states of consciousness, deep connectedness in intimacy and wisdom that will be deeply rooted in your own physical experience.

A powerful journey that has transformed our relationship, bringing a love depth of connectedness I didn’t imagine could grow so quickly.
Say YES to transforming your relationship and love life

This is a 7 level training, taught in a sequential order, offering a variety of methods and practices.

After completion of each level, couples can decide
whether to continue to the next step or not.

The dynamic in the group includes

tantra meditations

tantra rituals


sharing &
emotional release

biodynamic breathwork

body movement

energy work

tantric lovemaking

Couples in the privacy of their own bedrooms will experience the sexual union meditation*, which varies in each level.

* During this seven levels, you will always be working in your own couple.

The best guideline is simple:
follow your joy. 

During this training you will experience

Rejuvenating of your relationship, sex and love

Awakened passion, joy and deep intimacy

Wholehearted, receptive communication

Experiencing orgasms in all seven chakras

Healing sexual dysfunctions

Harmony of the male-female polarities

Make love for more than 2 hours

Peaks and Valley orgasm

Ritual “marriage of the body.”

Conservation of semen for men

Union of Child and Adult in you

Your teachers

Anahata and Tanmaya – highly experienced international Tantra teachers

Having been together for more than 8 years as lovers and friends, we know first-hand the challenges that come with a long-term relationship. We have faced many obstacles and by lovingly applying our deep knowledge of Tantra and by staying committed to the idea of transformation through love, we have discovered new layers of connection, intimacy and respect.

We want to share with other couples what we have learned and teach you what we know. We want to give you the opportunity to reconnect with your partner and dissolve into love again, just as we have.
It is our true passion to work with couples supporting them to find the bliss and ecstasy possible when we embark on the journey of Tantra together.


This retreat is held in a beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. Here, in an atmosphere of Greek hospitality, you will find non-stop Mediterranean sunshine, silent olive groves, beautiful bays, clean beaches, crystal clear water for swimming and lots of space for peaceful relaxation.

Corfu is known for its magnetic energy field as one of the Earth’s meridians is passing through it and powerfully recharging it for spiritual awakening.

The retreat center Alexis Zorba is located at the northwest of the green Greek island of Corfu, in the middle of the village of Arillas, about 35km away from Corfu Town and its airport. 

Spending time surrounded by vibrant nature and the crystal clear Ionian sea reminds us of the most nourishing and fundamental things in life.

The journey with my partner through this training has been an amazing ride, full of incredible surprises, gifts, but also losing those issues which were hindering us from coming closer to each other.

From our

Say YES to transforming your relationship and love life

7 Levels Training

Level 1 - Intimacy

2 ― 9 May 2020

This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, purge stagnation from your relationship, open your heart to receptive, conscious communication, heal sexual dysfunction, and experience sacred sexuality.

Level 2 - Male Female Balance

5 ― 12 September 2020
In this level we offer an esoteric exploration of the male and female chakra system, leading to the harmony of opposite polarities, the experience of orgasm in all seven chakras and the phenomenon of the soulmate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in advance of booking by contacting us here.

When love and consciousness meet, man and woman unite, then the infinite potential of lovers awakens.

Anahata and Tanmaya