Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Stages of Spiritual Awakening

I want to speak about awakening. When I went deep into Tantra, there was a period when I felt like nothing makes sense anymore, I just wanted to spend my life learning spirituality and serving the world. It felt like I was wasting my life doing my job… it took me long time to get that you can do both. There is a saying: what do you do before becoming enlightened – chop the wood, carry the water.
What do you do after becoming enlightened – chop the wood, carry the water. The point is, Tantra says, you don’t need to take yourself out of what you do, bring spirituality in everything you do.
One thing people don’t say much about in spiritual groups that awakening usually comes in stages. I personally believe in this model:
I – Dark night
II – Void
III – Rootedness
IV – Purposefulness
The point is, when you first get awakened, we tend to feel that our world has crashed, nothing we have believed before makes sense, people we loved before, make no sense… this is the dark night stage, the stage of confusion.
Keep strong and you get to sacred emptiness stage, that feels like you as a caterpillar entered your cocoon. Then one day it feels like the butterfly can spread their wings, it feels so good, we find what are our new values are and feel more rooted than ever. And then eventually we find our purpose and this drives us through the life, as we finally can see that the universe holds us.
Little tip, just trust your path, the more you can trust the universe holding you, the shorter will be the transitioning.
A little song for your inspiration from Praful – if you don’t fight with life, life hold you on its shoulders: https://youtu.be/LhdEx6H-mGo
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