Surya, a Tantra teacher at Sunshine Tantra


“Change is inevitable. You can allow life to happen or you can design your path. Your choice…” – Surya


Surya is an intuitive, experienced and passionate certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, NLP and TRE practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Tantra Teacher. Her coaching and training approach draws on Eastern Spirituality and Western Psychology, utilising Darkness to Light and Intimacy Coaching, Breathwork, Tantra, TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises), Mindfulness, Meditation, Positive Psychology, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Neurolinguistic Programming NLP), Imagery, Hypnosis, Reiki, Psychodrama, Body and Energy work. Working for years in the corporate world, she got deeply amazed about the vastness of the difference between things felt, said and done. She could see disengaged, unhappy, chronically stressed and worried people, many of whom struggled on a daily basis with burn-out, depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem and addictions. Dealing, alongside with these incongruences, with her own personal traumas, difficult childhood, long and deeply frustrating marriage, being bullied at work and multiple health issues, she developed a unique highly engaging, personal and interactive approach. While carefully guiding her clients to achieve significant outcomes, she is bringing in integrity, energy, passion, kindness and deepest dedication to their healing, transformation and empowerment. Life does not has to be hard, healing does not have to be painful. Life is a journey. Craft it your way. Plan for miracles.
Shine you brightest and become a lover of life!


Hi, I am Surya, a Tantra Teacher and Darkness to Light and Intimacy Coach. You know how people get stack in a cycle of stress, anger, burn out, bad sex, empty and frustrating relationships or even lack of them. What I do, I focus on helping people to deeply connect to the powerful, unbreakable core within and to learn to communicate own truth successfully so they can feel more happy, confident and fully alive and then they can truly connect to others. The truth is that we have just forgot how amazing and powerful we are. For example, I recently worked with a woman, who lost motivation, libido, confidence and just with just a little support, when she learned back to love self and connect to self, she not only saved her marriage but also could stand up to her abusive boss and very difficult family. She also has amazing sex life now. It is like taking a cork of the champagne bottle, once you connect to self, you are open to all sorts of surprises, great relationships, sex, joy and fullness in all areas of live.


My approach is based on asking powerful questions and combining tools and methods from Eastern Spirituality and Modern Psychology, such as from:

My coaching is not only about finding healing, empowerment and achieving goals, but it is also a much deeper process of changing of unhelpful perspectives and limiting beliefs to live more joyful, sexy, confident, fully alive and successful life.


I was impressed how quickly Surya could identify exactly what was holding me back and then help me transform my warries into my strength. It feels unbelievable. I would recommend her to anyone who truly want to transform their life and get rid of their anxiety and self-doubt.
Jonathan, Business Manager

Couldn’t be any happier. I have regained my mind. She helped me resolved a few deep childhood issues with just a few sessions. Very effective!
Lee, Software Developer

I have really enjoyed it! Such a nice lesson in being kind and gentle to self and still being able to make a big difference. Life doesn’t have to be hard. Such a relief. I feel lighter, more alert and ready to face whatever the life is to bring.

Thank you for your support. I feel happier, lighter and more in control of my life then I ever. My worries just don’t feel that important anymore. I feel strong again and truly empowered. I highly recommend Natasha as a Coach to anyone wishing positive life change.
Anna, Teacher


Surya works in London and internationally.

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