“Change is inevitable. You can allow life to happen or you can design your path. Your choice…” – Surya


Surya is the founder of the Sunshine Tantra and an intuitive, experienced and passionate Tantra Teacher and Pleasure and Intimacy Coach. Drawing her coaching and training approaches from Eastern Spirituality and Western Psychology, she developed a unique
highly engaging, fun and interactive approach.

Her main desire is to empower people to find healing, natural bliss and live the life to fullest.

She have studied Tantra for years with Ma Ananda Sarita (as well as other great teachers) and she is also trained in Reiki, Coaching, NLP, NVC, TRE and Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, different styles of Meditation and her favourite tool is a conscious pleasure.

She creates powerful life-changing experiences for individuals and groups in person and online.

Shine you brightest and become a lover of life!


Hi, I am Surya, a Tantra Teacher and Darkness to Light and Intimacy Coach.

You know how people get stuck in a cycle of stress, anger, burn out, bad sex, empty and frustrating relationships or even lack of them.

What I do, I focus on helping people to deeply connect to the powerful, unbreakable core within and to learn to communicate own truth successfully so they can feel more happy, confident and fully alive and then they can truly connect to others. The truth is that we have just forgot how amazing and powerful we are.

For example, I recently worked with a woman, who lost motivation, libido, confidence and just with just a little support, when she learned back to love self and connect to self, she not only saved her marriage but also could stand up to her abusive boss and very difficult family. She also has amazing sex life now.

It is like taking a cork of the champagne bottle, once you connect to self, you are open to all sorts of surprises, great relationships, sex, joy and fullness in all areas of live.


My approach is based on asking powerful questions and combining tools and methods from Eastern Spirituality and Modern Psychology.

My coaching is not only about finding healing, empowerment and achieving goals, but it is also a much deeper process of changing of unhelpful perspectives and limiting beliefs to live more joyful, sexy, confident, fully alive and successful life.

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Surya is an amazing holistic coach with a gigantic depth and variety of knowledge and methods. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and she has a very strong loving and spiritual presence. She is laser focused and driven, and has the very rare capacity to find the exact root of issues. She often has, in just a couple a words, changed my entire take on several problems, and unlocked very complicated situations. She’ll never let you down

Sandrine, Tantra Teacher

I was impressed how quickly Surya could identify exactly what was holding me back and then help me transform my worries into my strength. It feels unbelievable. I would recommend her to anyone who truly want to transform their life and get rid of their anxiety and self-doubt.
Jonathan, Business Manager

Couldn’t be any happier. I have regained my mind. She helped me resolved a few deep childhood issues with just a few sessions. Very effective!
Lee, Software Developer

I have really enjoyed it! Such a nice lesson in being kind and gentle to self and still being able to make a big difference. Life doesn’t have to be hard. Such a relief. I feel lighter, more alert and ready to face whatever the life is to bring.

Thank you for your support. I feel happier, lighter and more in control of my life then I ever. My worries just don’t feel that important anymore. I feel strong again and truly empowered. I highly recommend Surya as a Coach to anyone wishing positive life change.
Anna, Teacher

Fees and how to start

The first step is to book a free discovery session



This is an opportunity for both of us to get to know each other. We’ll discuss what where your life is today, what changes you want to make, challenges to overcome and what do you want to create. You will have a chance to experience my unique style and how it is working for you.

This session will be about 30 minutes. If we both feel that we are a good match for working together, we will create with you a plan that will be the most ideal for getting the results you want.

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Individual Program

Deeper, personalised and amazingly profound

My coaching programmes usually range from 3 to 12 months. I do offer standalone sessions, but if you are for a long-lasting shift, we need to go deep and it takes time, courage and perseverance.

We’ll have regular, typically fortnightly sessions usually via video/phone calls. During the time we work together, I’m in your life available for support in between the sessions as well. I will also send you useful additional resources and home practices to support your success, healing and personal growth according to the plan you set.

Option 1: Go deep (online)

Option 2: Go deeper (online)

Option 3: Life Immersion

(most deep & profound)

6 months, 1 session every second week

6 months, 1 session every second week

6 months, 1 session every second week

+ All additional benefits

+ All additional benefits

+ All additional benefits

2 hour sessions

3 hour sessions

3 hour sessions

£222 per month

£333 per month

£499 per month


Good for urgent interventions, a preparation for important life events, resolving immediate tension or just to have a taste of my unique style and working together before committing to this profound transformational journey.

1 hour Online release and recharge session – £70.

1.5 hour Online deeper session – £96 // 2 hours Online deep dive session – £123.

2 hours Transformational Tantric massage (Great for deep healing, empowerment and release) – £198.

3 hours Transformational Tantric massage (Great for deep healing, empowerment and release) – £289.

Surya works in London and internationally.

Offers: Tantra LivingLife CoachingTRE and Hypnotherapy