Tanmaya, a Sunshine Tantra teacher

Ma Prem Tanmaya

Tanmaya offers Tantra for individuals and couples, sharing the joy of saying yes to oneself and to live life totally. Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. She initially studied as an actress and singer before falling in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities.

In 2011, Tanmaya came in contact with Ma Ananda Sarita, who became her teacher and guide and Tanmaya studied with her intensively over several years, exploring her own inner sky and diving deeply into the essence of love and meditation. Together Tanmaya is passionate about sharing the power of Tantra with others internationally in live workshops as well as online or on conference. It is her joy to blend deep and profound meditations with playfulness and lightness – all infused with her profound transmission of love. Tanmaya has been exploring couples Tantra deeply in her relationships. The path of Tantra as a couple for her is the most exquisite path of self exploration as through intimacy with another we deepen intimacy with ourselves and the divine. Blending love and meditation – We are all one in the light of love. This is her calling, her mantra and her life’s work.


I believe that we all can live a life as integrated human beings. Rooted in your body, connected to your heart and aligned with your soul and spirit you are able to live your full potential.
In my sessions I combine
Tantra as a path to inner mastery
Divine Healing- Master key to Ascension
Techniques from modern therapy and Self development
Tools of Meditation
Techniques offered by Osho
Sessions are available for
Men and Women

Tanmaya is

 Female Testimonials

“Tanmaya has become a great inspiration to me, I felt safe and accepted just as I am from the very beginning. Her acceptance of her body and femininity and the embodiment of what she teaches gave me trust that change is possible. Thank you!” Shraddha

“For me Tanmaya combines profound wisdom and depth of experience with a fully awakened loving heart and a wonderful sense of humor and lightness. I enjoy her delivery and guidance on all levels. She really got me started on Woman`s Tantra-now I can`t get enough.” 


Male testimonial

“The session with Tanmaya has been a rare opportunity to talk about and explore my sensuality in a completely safe, even sacred, environment. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to discover new insights and wishes to find peace within themselves.” 


Couples testimonial

“We booked a session quite in despair when we were going through a major crisis in our relationship. Tanmaya supported us in a profound way offering us new perspectives and we discovered new appreciation for each other. Now we cherish our differences rather than seeing them as a source of conflict. We still feel that the three sessions we had taken with her have saved our relationship and brought more love back into our family.” 

Tomas and Jana CZ

Offers: Tantra Living (individuals, couples and groups)
Contact: premtanmaya@hotmail.com