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I have voices in my head…

I have voices in my head…

One of the biggest reasons we feel discomfort in our daily lives, is from having the unhelpful stories and voices in the back of our minds, telling us: ‘you are not worthy or good enough, you can’t do it, you are not strong/ intelligent/ educated enough, you are not likable, who do you think you are…’. Often these are the voices of our parents, educators, friends, TV or book characters, those who tried to help us, mainly to fit in. Fitting in is a strong survival instinct. Back in early human development times, being accepted by community made a difference between live and death. It is a very powerful, instinctual protective mechanism, that is not serving us anymore. But as they are buried so deep in our subconscious, how can we get rid of them?

Here are five best tools to help you to quiet down those negative voices.

1. Disagreeing with them, we call it positive affirmations, e.g.:’ I am good, I am strong, I am talented, I can do it…’. This is a great way to work with your subconscious, as repeating affirmations regularly, proven to help to release negative thinking, fear, worry, and anxiety by slowly changing our patterns of thinking and ultimately making a huge difference in our lives.
2. Gratitude – quoting from the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne: ‘It is impossible to be negative when you are grateful… it is impossible to feel sad or have any negative feelings when you are grateful.’ Gratitude is like magic, finding something to be genuinely grateful for, can help to transform any negative situation or feeling.
3. I call this technique ‘Ridiculous charm’ inspired Harry Potter book, basically imagining those voices in a ridiculous form, e.g. wearing an old granny’s hat or sounding like Donald Duck. This is actually an incredible technique from NLP.
4. Pleasure – this is one of very few things in life that can override survival instinct. When we allowing ourselves to experience pleasure, we forget about past sufferings and anxiety of the future, we can just relax and enjoy. Tantric pleasure techniques can help us to reprogram our mind. Combined with awareness, pleasure has an ability to heal, liberate, empower and recharge, taking us beyond our limits and fears.
5. Meditation – there are many powerful methods that can support you in variety of ways, from releasing negative emotions to feeling absolute bliss and ecstasy.
Experiment with those techniques and find those that work for you.
Join one of our Tantric meditations, to quiet down your negative voices, to enjoy the amazing methods of expanding and empowering heart and to fill more bliss and aliveness in your life.

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