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Exquisite journey to your better self

Do you want to feel more free, juicy, confident and alive?
Do you want to learn more about scared sexuality and how to apply it to your life?
Do you want to learn how to use sexual energy to heal and grow spiritually?
Do you want to shine your brightest and feel at your best?
Then Tantra is the right tool for you.

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Surya is an intuitive, experienced and passionate Tantra Teacher, Life Coach, Reiki Master, NLP and TRE practitioner and the founder of the Sunshine Tantra.

Drawing her coaching and training approaches from Eastern Spirituality and Western Psychology, she developed a unique
highly engaging, fun and interactive approach.

What people say about Surya:
“Surya has a lot of talent for holding space. She makes people feel really welcome.”– Ma Ananda Sarita, World renowned Tantra master
“Surya is a beautiful soul and a deeply wise teacher. In her workshops, she creates magical spaces of possibility while staying grounded with practical approaches that are profoundly transformative. She has an amazing way of creating a feeling of connection in her groups where everyone feels welcomed, safe and supported.” – Paul Field, Agile Coach
“Thank you for your support. I feel happier, lighter and more in control of my life than ever. My worries just don’t feel that important anymore. I feel strong again, joyful and truly empowered. ” – Anna, Teacher
“Surya is an excellent teacher, coach and spiritual guide.   She is incredibly passionate about Tantra and her biggest strength is being able to relate the content to your life.  In my professional life I work with people helping them to develop and grow and I have been able to take elements of this program to use directly with them. “ – Martin, UK

For more information, comments or to arrange a chat with the teachers, contact us info@sunshinetantra.co.uk