Sunshine Tantra Teacher, Suta


“The true spirit of my work is to guide people who sense that ‘there must be something more’, into healing experiences of deep peace, timelessness & the Great Relief that comes from reconnecting to what really matters – to live from, and as, Soul in this beautiful, yet troubled world.”

Suta has over 25 years experience in the healing arts and travelled widely, leading workshops and trainings in 15 countries. He also offers transformational coaching to individuals and couples.
He is known for his friendly and down-to-earth approach, as well as being highly knowledgeable about the healing power of Darkness and hugely experienced in Tantra, Meditation and sacred sexuality.
Through his compassion and sensitivity people feel seen and recognised, both in their struggles and in their magnificent potential. He helps people remember their essential nature and enjoy more fulfilling intimacy.


“I came into adulthood approaching life pretty much “from the neck up”. I had a keen interest in philosophy and psychology and was looking at life and trying to figure it out, using my mind. Meanwhile I was uncomfortable and awkward in my body, and inhibited and fragile emotionally. “
I became interested in meditation around the age of 16. At 18 I learned TM (Transcendental Meditation) and since have explored many methods from Buddhism, Tantra and the world of Osho, and in more recent years from Advaita and Christian contemplation.
I lived for three years in a meditation centre and was fully involved in the meditation program. The centre also had a flotation tank – a pitch black room in which you float in warm water. I found this a great facility for exploring mind-body consciousness and have logged about 500 hours.
On being introduced to massage, aged 19, I dived deeply into exploring and training in body oriented methods of healing. For 15 years my livelihood was in hands on bodywork, and in that time I saw around 10,000 clients.
I have an ongoing love of the Feldenkrais method and have 5,000 hours Awareness through Movement practice.
There was a period in my life in which I loved to dance – I loved the freedom and energy I felt. I was dancing every day at home, several times a week at 5 rhythms class and in clubs and raves all night at weekends. I trained in Shamanic Trancedance – which is a blindfold form of movement, with two of the leading practitioners Wilburt Alex (USA) and Leo Rutherford (UK). I learned a lot about the healing power of intentional and Expressive movement, Ritual, and altered states, and holding the space for others to experience that.
In 1996 I received the name Suta (which means ‘Going beyond Time’ / Timelessness) from Energywork Master Michael Barnett and was his student for several years. I witnessed and absorbed extraordinary ways of working with ‘Energy’ with groups.
Also at that time, I started learning Tantra with world renowned teacher Ma Ananda Sarita. During my apprenticeship I received a living transmission of the breadth and depth of Tantric teachings and practices and graduated in trainings for Singles and Couples.
From 2008 it has been a great honour and privilege to work closely with Sarita as a co-teacher. Together, we created the 7 weekend Sex to Superconsciousness Training, the 2 year Tantra Teacher Training, and I was a co-creator of the Tantra Man training. I am a Senior Teacher in the Tantra-Essence School.
I also developed my own approach ‘Choose Bliss Now’. I have shared this work throughout Europe and with groups of upto 200 people.
I am also delighted to be offering the deep and beautiful Darkness experience as one of the most beautiful and profound methods in the world. I am a passionate advocate for the healing power of Darkness!


“Suta holds a space that both encourages seekers to open up energetically and deepen internally. I love his awareness and care for the more introverted aspects of our selves which can often be overlooked. It is a real art to weave both and he knows how to do it!”
James Stevenson, Guide to ‘Awaken as Love’, Global creator of Tantra festivals
“Suta is a light being who has returned to this earth to help all beings find their way back home. When teaching, he is full of wisdom, joy and enthusiasm. Suta embodies the qualities of love, pleasure and celebration and supports people in discovering their bliss, moment to moment.”
Ma Ananda Sarita, World renowned Tantra master
“Suta is a highly gifted and experienced teacher. He brings wisdom, expertise and a tender heart to his teaching and holding of groups.”
Roxana Hewitt, Teacher of ‘Herflame’
Offers: Tantra Living (individuals, couples and groups), Darkness Experience and Breathwork
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