Helen is interested in health coaching and spirituality, our connection to self, mind, body and spirit. Through her own experience of mental health issues, chronic and invisible illness, she has focused on how to help others in similar situations. She has trained in Coaching (Coaching Development Ltd and Institute for Integrative Nutrition), Mindfulness and Transactional Analysis. Following on from these trainings Helen began on a spiritual path; learning the ways of the Medicine Woman with meditation and energy work and is also a trained Kambo practitioner (Planet Kambo). Combining these works, she is able to help people to find their connection to self, help to clear negative thought patterns and work towards the ‘real you’, using different techniques tailored to your needs.

During our 1:1 sessions we will focus on your health, nutrition and self-care as a priority, focusing on different aspects of your life to bring about the change and balance required for you to be at your best level of healthy.

What is health coaching?

•  It is a partnership between coach and client to achieve health goals.
•  It is a conversation that uses your values, strengths and knowledge of yourself to problem solve.
•  It is a safe environment to talk and be listened to without judgement.
•  It offers support and understanding.

How could health coaching benefit you?

•  You will become unstuck, move forward and leave unhelpful ways of thinking behind.
•  It will give you the mental space for you to create a new mindset and way of thinking.
•  There will be equal amounts of support and accountability.
•  It will assist you in finding what works for you; is the right amount of challenge and is sustainable so that you make lifelong changes.
•  Together we will identify actions that will help you to move forward.


“Before I started to work with Helen, I was often in ‘invisible’ pain, on numerous medications, often cancelled seeing friends and family because of how bad I felt and, despite all this, my own health wasn’t even on my priority list!
When I started coaching with Helen, I thought we’d just focus on my health problems, which I knew I needed to but honestly I wasn’t looking forward to. She was curious about my whole health experiences, my thoughts about life and connected them together, which helped me get perspective, then found it much easier to make some changes, see the benefits and keep progressing.
Helen is caring, she has your best interests at heart and, with love, she nudges you towards better health and a better life.”

Offers: Life Coaching and Health Coaching Contact: helen@lifelongcoaching.co.uk