Sexual Intelligence: What Lubricants to use best?

Sexual Intelligence: What Lubricants to use best?


My client has asked me today what is the best lubricant. I thought you may as well benefit from this information.

Lubricant or lube, is absolutely essential for good sex alone or with a partner. Not only it creates a more pleasant and smooth experience, it also makes sex safer by preventing vaginal and anal tearing, and it is just vital when experimenting with pleasure toys.

As Cosmopolitan states, best to stick to water-based lubes, which tend to be kinder to the body as they don’t have as many chemicals in them. And you might want to give any oil-based lubes a miss, as they can damage condoms and other safe-sex barriers, as well as silicone-based lubes, which do damage to silicone sex toys.

Grove also recommends to stay clear from parabens, petroleum jelly, glycerine, and various scents and perfumes.

They also recommend to try out natural lubs, like Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil.

Experiment, test before using and have an awesome safer sex. 




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